Price: $50,000

‚ÄčThis figure includes any percentages due to projects like Go Fund Me, KickStart

     or even PayPay who all take around 5% of the projects total funds raised.

     NTEE CODE:K36

Please help us reach our goal for the cost of purchasing a new vehicle to replace the vehicle that we lost due to severe water damage caused by Hurricane Maria and help us continue to feed the homeless. 

We lost the van we were using to feed those in need during hurricane Maria. We are desperate to replace it. Everyday without it makes it that much harder for us to feed those who are hungry. With your donations, we can purchase this van and make it a food truck so we may continue in our efforts to feed those in need.

Make a Difference Foundation of PR

 A 501 (C) 3 Nonprofit 

   If you have a used vehicle and would like to make a tax 

deductible donation or you are a dealer we would be happy

to place your logo on our site as the supporter that donated

     the van to us to help us continue to feed the homeless