On May 16, 2017, Mendez, Magaly, with The 

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT  made this public announcement:

"Today, in communities across the country, young people are living on the streets after running from or being asked to leave homes characterized by abuse, neglect, family conflict, or parental drug and alcohol abuse. Once on the streets, such youth are at risk of being sexually exploited or abused for pleasure or profit. In addition, youth may engage or forced to participate in shoplifting, survival sex, or drug dealing in order to provide for their basic needs. Since 1996, the Family and Youth Services Bureau's (FYSB) SOP has been aiding young 
people living in the streets or other unsafe living conditions by funding grantees to provide street-based services to runaway, homeless, and street youth who have been subjected to or are at risk of being subjected to sexual abuse, prostitution, sexual exploitation, and severe forms of trafficking in persons. These services, which are provided in areas where street youth congregate, are designed to support and assist such youth in making healthy choices and providing them access to shelter and related services."

It is time to GET MAD Puerto Rico, (GETMADPR.ORG) 
and join The Make a Difference Foundation and help address this Island wide issue as well as helping all families and homeless individuals. Children should never be homeless or forced into situations just to eat and have a roof over their heads, knowing that people just like you care enough to help us make a difference.

Please call us to volunteer or offer your professional expertise, medical, dental, transportation, food donations etc., as we need your help so that we can continue with our goals of helping the homeless with food and shelter.

Contact The Make a Difference Foundation at (787) 998- 7425, for more information or questions.



    The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico

It is Important to Believe That One Person Can Make A Difference