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Abandoned properties are devastating entire communities throughout our Island

The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico / PO Box 29973 / San Juan, PR 00929

  The primary mission of The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico is to collaborate with community leaders, residents and the homeless in low-income housing communities, devastated by personal foreclosures, repossessions or evictions, where the residents are being further devastated by abandoned properties to inform them of the importance of redeveloping these properties into self-sustainable housing units through our "GETMADPR"©™ Community Redevelopment Program throughout the Island. *1

This program allows us to revitalize entire neighborhoods into vibrant stable communities where we are able to provide and maintain temporary environmentally safe housing under "Project Second Step" continued living facilities for the homeless while redeveloping properties for low-income families. We are afforded the opportunity to rebuild each community by working together with community leaders and residents in the redevelopment of the very properties that are destroying their neighborhoods and ultimately their communities. 

To accomplish this our foundation begins by selecting a viable property to organize a central community center to establish a plan to begin the complete revitalization through the redevelopment of entire neighborhoods and establish these communities as environmentally safe and secure family oriented communities. In order to stabilize entire communities requires getting community leaders as well as every member of the community, homeless or not involved in understanding the need to redevelop the devastated properties into self sustainable living facilities within these communities. 

The redevelopment process begins by the "GETMADPR" Community Redevelopment Program employing local residents and contractors to start the revitalization of the economy in the community as well as begin the process of uniting everyone involved as members of the community.  Next, our community volunteers begin to teach the residents of the devastating negative financial impact on market values of current residents surrounding properties and the community as a whole from failure and neglect of maintaining these properties.

Our volunteers, with grace of heart,  understanding the financial devastation such neglect causes current homeowners tries their best to explain why these financial institutions, as for-profit entities are prevented from investing in a property that is currently in an upside down economy, i.e., the cost of redeveloping a property would cost more than the property is currently worth in the current housing market. Understandably, it is not an easy task as they look at the faces of current homeowners who have lost considerable value in their properties due to the current market situation and neglect of a property next to theirs, so I have been told *2

The next step on our volunteers "How To" list in planning to revitalize a community through redevelopment includes reuniting its residents, this begins with educative resources, volunteers, who teach the benefits of forming a "Community Watch Volunteer Coalition" to teach each member of the community the importance of creating a safe environment by redeveloping these properties together. This will help to create a much-neededneighborhood bond that allows families to thrive, grow, and enjoy a certain quality of life through family and friends so that we can all become beneficial and intricate parts of our communities, "Know Thy Neighbor" or "Stranger Danger," you get the picture.

Now, while the actual properties are being redeveloped its time to teach family members and friends on how to begin, and the importance of having and maintaining an organic community garden for self-sustenance through participation. Our foundation during the redevelopment of these properties will offer educative and informative instructions to teach alternative energies like developing biogas units for each redeveloped home for preparing nutritious meals without the need to purchase volatile propane for cooking. 

Our volunteers teach and show members of the community how to incorporate alternative energies in each redevelopment for the use and implementation of solar, wind and other alternative methods and processes and apparatuses to achieve zero point energy alternatives to these redeveloped homes so that residents can learn together the importance of leaving a smaller carbon footprint on mother Earth. We even have volunteers who are willing to teach anyone 
interested how to convert their vehicles to alternative fuels such as LP Gas, Vegetable oil or even Hydrogen methods and installation apparatuses
. While our volunteers are willing to teach the how to's, interested parties would have to buy their own parts for the specific conversion desired!

In addition, our foundation has proposed legislation to the local government, which would permit any non-profit foundation to redevelop the properties no longer needed, used, abandoned and neglected within communities being devasted in all seventy-eight municipalities, considering the local government's current financial instability. Funding for those projects are one hundred, (100%), generated and provided by the members of our organization, Angel investors, and donations.*3

"Project Second Step" continued living facilities provide temporary housing to individuals and families as long as needed to help individuals and families become vital members of their communities. Once a family is ready our volunteers will assist with locating the right redeveloped home within their community and selecting the most affordable financing options available for low-income home loans through HUD and the Affordable Home Act for purchasing and maintaining a redeveloped new home within their community.

All financing utilized for the redevelopment of properties in low-income housing communities currently being devastated by repossessed, vacated or abandoned and deteriorating properties belonging to various local financial institutions, as well as institutions located in the continental US,

is being completely funded by "The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico" and subsidiary, "GETMADPR LLC" community redevelopment program, "Project Second Step," continued living facilities, federal grant programs, private funding, Angel investors, "Our Members" and donations.

All financing utilized for the redevelopment of properties in low income housing communities that are currently being devastated by repossessed, vacated or abandoned and deteriorating properties belonging to various financial institutions, not being maintained or; 

Any Federal or local Government agency properties no longer needed, used, abandoned and neglected are to be one hundred, (100%), financed with funds generated by the members of our organization.

The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico and its subsidiary "
GetMadPR" ©™ LLC are non-government entities nor are they sponsored by, affiliated with or under the control of any governmental entities.
Foot Notes:
 *1  These new homes will promote community development through the redevelopment of properties in low-income housing communities throughout the

      seventy-eight municipalities that comprise Puerto Rico.  Excluding Culebra, Vieques, Mona Island or Isla Palomino. 

*2  Directors and board of directors of "For-profit" corporations have a strict fiduciary legally mandated duty to the shareholders to maximize profits and

     maintain and or increase shareholder value. Therefore, under this legal premise, it would be in violation of corporate law to invest in the renovation of  

     property within their respective inventories considering the current collapse of the housing market in Puerto Rico which could possibly yield a negative return

     on investment to its shareholders. In addition, Directors and managers can be sued for breach of their duties to shareholders and or misuse of corporate

     assets if they focus on maintaining repossessed properties, which would forgo profits.

*3  It is important to the members who volunteer at our nonprofit organization that the public should be made aware of the fact that each and every member of

     The Make a Difference Foundation, from the founder, it’s legal counsel, state department local representative, executive director and board of directors are

     all honorary volunteer members. Not a single member of our organization collects, expects or accepts a salary or any form of compensation in any fashion.

     The foundation's board of directors strictly adhere to a non compensatory 

      involvement in pursuing the goals of our foundation.

*4  under Notice 2012-52, donors to a limited liability company (LLC) wholly owned by a Section
 501(c)(3) organization can claim a charitable deduction under Section 170.

      The Foundation does request fund and or grants when available from:
      Making Home Affordable.GovNeighborhood Stabilization Program, (NSP) award funds
      The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awards, Donations and or 
Angel investors


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