It is Important to Believe That One Person Can Make A Difference

    The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico


             The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico, a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit.

The definition of Free as defined by the volunteers of our foundation is:

 To give, offer, provide all that we have to give without any expectation of compensation or remuneration, payment, reward or reimbursement, contingencies or considerations. As we are all volunteers of a nonprofit that gains from that which we give willingly of ourselves.

Our journey is to change the perception of those who are less fortune

"The Reality of My Existence is the Inevitability of My Demise"
 A homeless adolescent in Canovanas, Puerto Rico
                           "Try to learn something about everything and everything about something."
Thomas H. Huxley, Ealing, London, Untied Kingdom

Sometimes it only takes one small, yet pivotal, moment in a persons life that becomes the catalyst for the biggest revelation of their life, just knowing that somebody does care, can make a difference.

These are the
Only two goals of our foundation.
Goal Number One, to provide the following services to families, individuals, and animals       Free

√  Operate:
Soup kitchens serving homeless and impoverished individuals daily meals.                               Free

√  Operate:
Food and clothing donation banks for people who have an old dress or a pair of shoes that they don’t use anymore or even an extra shoe lace for individuals in need of such items, believe me when I say you would be surprised.

Project Second Step Continued Living Facilities Provide:
Temporary shelter to individuals, families, and animals, Including Iguanas.
√  Education:
Offer family members and individuals about how best to survive by teaching technical skills which include the use of Alternative Energies Systems, like, Solar, Wind, Biogas, Electric Generation Apparatuses and processes availabilities which we have volunteers who are willing to teach the how to’s for those who are interested in learning.
√ Housing:
Overnight, daytime, and around-the-clock shelters in an effort to help homeless individuals and entire families, regardless of the "cause or duration" of the homelessness, as these individuals can become useful members of the community through the exchange of ideas, communicating and interacting with others in an educational and humane environment. We all possess some knowledge that can be beneficially explained and taught to others.                      

√  Daily:
Serve as nutritionally as possible, daily meals seven days a week at the following times to those individuals that show up at:
7 am to 8 am
12 pm to 1 pm
6 pm to 7 pm
These services are offered to any and all individuals who would otherwise go without eating or be forced to commit unthinkable acts just for something to eat.
√  In Addition:
We offer a food pickup service on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 10 am until 11 am, offering families one box of general groceries consisting of canned goods of vegetables, potatoes, boxed milk, dried goods such as peanut butter, rice, pasta’s and bread to assist families prepare meals at home. Poultry and other meat products would be dispensed as available.* We will also deliver meals to elderly individuals that are living alone and need extra assistance. (*as available.) *As all products are from various local vendors and donors.)             


√  Include Special shelter Facilities for:
Battered Spouses, Abused Children, Orphans, homeless families, and individuals in conjunction with family services.   

√  Special Half Way Housing Units for:
Temporary residences for parolees, work release programs in conjunction with the justice department. Recovered mental patients, and Recovering substance abusers.            
√  Offer educational training from:
Various technical schools to teach alternative energies and help individuals become self-sufficient members of our communities.                


Goal Two:
The goal of our foundation is to become self-sustaining through proposed legislation and bank proposals to redevelop properties through our subsidiary program titled "
GETMADPR®™" Community Redevelopment for the properties within the repossession departments of financial institutions as well as unused government land or vacated properties and properties abandoned and unattended for a period of more than two years, (24) months.

In addition,
Our foundation has appealed to the federal and local governments for properties that are no longer of any beneficial use to these governments and are or may be creating unsafe environments within the communities in which these properties may be located.

These abandoned properties are presenting an opportunity to invite criminal elements into otherwise safe homes and community environments.

These proposals, presented in 2014 have still not been addressed by these agencies or the local banks but, our foundation perseveres regardless of the obstacles.

It is important to note that our foundation has no employee’s and therefore all members are volunteers. We pay no salaries to our board of directors or volunteers. We all volunteer because we want to Make a Difference.

That being said, we desperately need volunteers to donate a mere fraction of their time, possibly treat one patient a day or even one patient a week could assist us in helping individuals, families and even homeless pets suffering in the following areas of Service:

Dental, Medical, Veterinarian, Nutritional assistance as well as Technical Trades, Special Education and Transportation to help us transport individuals to medical and dental appointments.

Any services offered to the less fortunate in need, not only is desperately needed but, greatly appreciated as well as tax deductible and will leave a smile in your heart just knowing that you helped a child or a homeless individual or animal in pain.

We are aware that there will always be those who are in need of medical and health services, unfortunately, they cannot afford them and must suffer in silence or resort to other measures to remove the pain and suffering. Please help us offer an alternative to those thoughts or methods….

We formed our foundation in 2014 for the purpose of helping people living in Puerto Rico that are unfortunately living approximately 49% below the national poverty rate of America. What started as a simply act of kindness of giving a bagged p n j sandwich with a bottle of water to an individual begging at a street intersection has now grown into more than just sandwiches at traffic lights as those lines at the traffic light were getting too long! Now, 2017 our goals haven’t changed, just expanded enormously to include meals, clothing, education and shelters as there are so many families and individuals in need of services that the local, bankrupt government can not afford to offer. So our commitment just gets stronger in our dedication and belief that one person can make a difference.

Please, if you cannot provide financial support, try offering what you can through your respective fields of expertise.

One can of food or a loaf of bread, your professional services would go a lot further than a financial contribution when you see someone suffering and know that you can help stop the pain. So, please pick up the phone or open your heart by opening your wallet, either way, take the first step towards making a difference in someone else’s life, it will benefit yours some day.

Perhaps you own a car that you can no longer maintain, a property that you can no longer use or even an extra hour that you can give to help someone less fortunate, just the thought can make a difference in one life less fortunate than your own. Please, give it some thought and remember….     

One Person can Make a Difference, Please let it be you!     Call Now to Volunteer with Us (787) 998-7425