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PROPOSED BY:           The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico

Title of Proposed Bill:      Project Second Step - Special Land Use Permits


The proposed Bill would present nonprofits the opportunity to alleviate the local government from the financial burden of annually supporting local nonprofits merely because they exist.

The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico is proposing the following:

The proposed Bill as structured, if passed would create "Special Land Use Permits" specifically designed for domestic nonprofit entities defined as 501(c) 3 corporations as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

These permits would grant authority to domestic nonprofit entities interested in the development of specifically selected properties owned, titled, conveyed, prescribed or described as properties of the government of Puerto Rico. Said properties would be developed or redeveloped at the total expense of the nonprofit entity requesting said "Special Land Use," (SLU) permit.

These "Special Land Use Permits" would be considered solely for the development or redevelopment of various government properties upon which these nonprofit entities could develop a revenue generating project in support of their respective nonprofit interests as defined herein and contingent upon very stringent compliance regulations as to terms of use.

In addition to very definitive guidelines as determined and inscribed within this Bill by the legislative body designated to determine the merits of such a Bill as well as vote on this measure and the conditions as to the issuance of these Special Land Use Permits as defined herein.


The fundamental basis of the proposed Bill is predicated upon the belief that many of the eleven hundred nonprofit entities currently permitted to operate on the Island would welcome the opportunities that the enactment of this Bill would present.


The passage of this Bill would instantly create an opportunity for thousands of jobs across the entire Island, the redevelopment of hundreds of thousands of properties throughout the Island while creating thousands in taxable dollars for the governments annual budget. This Bill would enable participating nonprofit entities the opportunity of becoming financially self sustainable in pursuit of supporting their respective causes through the use of the Special Permits granted by the passage of this Bill.

The legislative body designated with the vote on this Bill, if passed shall create a specific branch of the government within the Bureau of Land Management, specifically established for granting authority to issue or deny all requests for a SLU permit submitted by domestic nonprofits.

The special branch of government designated with the authority to issue said permits shall be established based on the terms defined herein as well as any additional terms that the deciding legislative body determines necessary for the successful implementation of such a program under this Bill.

In addition, the specially formed branch of government delegated with the responsibility and accountability over governing the distribution of the special land use, (certificates), permits within this program as a government entity should maintain it's headquarters in the capital of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This newly formed agency shall be granted special jurisdictional authority over all municipalities in which a specific Special Land Use Permit, (Certificate), has been issued within their respective towns, cities and urbanization designations in relation to the proposed program and the granting or denying of said SLU permit, (Certificate of Permit).

The office established to grant authority over the issuance of said permits will also require within it's structural framework, Official Government Property Inspectors, Structural Building Inspectors, Official Government Inspectors from the water and electric authorities, (AEE - AAA), and Government Property Surveyors specifically familiar with each property to which an SLP certificate is being considered.

Once an application has been submitted and presented to this newly designated board and the proposed project has received a preliminary approval, the initial inspector for the specific property will be required to provide an initial inspection report to the newly designated board as to the safety of the property being considered for the issuance of said permit. This initial inspection shall indemnify and alleviate any and all legal responsibility of the Government of Puerto Rico as to all properties to which an SLP Certificate has been issued in any municipality of Puerto Rico.

Within the framework of the newly designated agency responsible for the issuance of these certificates have official inspectors that are residents of the municipalities in which an SLP certificate is being considered due to their respective knowledge of their residential areas.

The legislative body voting on this proposal shall also be deemed responsible for determining the feasibility of the best method of locating branch offices of the newly designated SLP offices in each municipality for those inspectors, surveyors and their families which would prove beneficial to the programs success.

special note:

                      The legislative body that chooses to pass this proposal into a Bill under the laws of Puerto Rico will also have the responsibility of establishing a legislative provision within this new law that would limit the period of time, (term), that each appointed administrative staff member, specifically employed in an official capacity involved in the forming of policy and decisions of the newly created or designated branch of government for the office of the SLP Bureau......

Referred to specifically for the framework of this Bill as:


                              "The Bureau of Special Land Use Permits" Office

The legislative body which passes this proposed Bill into law shall have the exclusive right to establish the permanent title for the authorized agency granted authority to issue the Special Land Use Permit certificates. 

                     .....Shall be permitted to serve as an employee in an administrative capacity limited and equal to the term of the political party system of Puerto Rico, and as such this office will be governed by which ever party is currently in position to authorize the change of personnel of The Bureau of Special Land Use Permits Office at the beginning of each new four year term of the prevailing political party.

The legislative body that approves this Bill would also bear the responsibility of establishing this time period for each position within this newly designated branch of goverment. This action would establish a framework to present a safe guard to the public interest as to the continued honesty in the decision making process as to the issuance of the newly created permits.

Applicant prerequisites: All Requirements are mandatory

All applicants for a Special Land Use Permit must:

1.   Present a formal application form, available at the newly designated offices, to the

      authority governing the distribution of the SLP certificates.

2.   All applicants must provide proof of eligibility to currently operate as a legally    

      domestic nonprofit entity on the Island of Puerto Rico by presentment of applicable


3.   All applicants will be required to present any other documentation pertaining to the

      applicants particular organization as required by the agency governing the issuance of

      the Special Land Use Permits, certificates.

4.   All applicants must present IRS certificate designating said applicant as a 501(c)3

      including applicants E.I.N. number.

5.   Present a current certificate of good standing issued by the Puerto Rico State

      Department along with Hacienda certification as to nonprrofit status.

6.   All applicants will also be required to presentalong with the formal application a copy

      and original patente, certificate of good conduct as well as a legally issued government

      identification and social security card for each member of the organization or intended

      persons to be employed on the proposed project for which the organization is seeking

      the Special Land Use Permit.

7.   These initial requirements shall establish the basis for the required rules for all 501(c)3 

      organizations applying to take part in the Special Land Use Permit Program, now and

      in the future as may be altered for quality assurance and improvement by the legislative

      body dedicated to the final decision on the vote of this proposed Bill. 


                The passage of this Bill assures the government of Puerto Rico that all applicants requesting a Special Land Use Permit for a pre-approved specific property shall develop or redevelop said property at the sole expense of the nonprofit applying for the Special Land Use Permit, or at zero expense to the government of Puerto Rico for thousands of properties to be redeveloped.


Thank You

The Make a Difference Foundation of PR


Mr. Languth, a volunteer at The Make a Difference Foundation of PR hand delivered a copy of the proposed "Special Land Use Permits," Bill to Sr. Luis R. Santana Rovira, an Administrative Assistant at the Oficina De Participacion Ciudadana in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico on May 4th, 2015.

                As of April 13, 2017, the legislative body has yet to address the proposed Bill presented.


It is Important to Believe That One Person Can Make A Difference

    The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico

Here is a copy of the proposed Bill as presented on May 4th, 2015.