We have not listed the details of our Bank proposals to redevelop properties held within their repossession divisions, as these are legally binding confidential contractual agreements between the Local Financial Institutions and our nonprofit.

If you have a property and you would like our foundation to redevelop your property or if you are considering donating a property that you can no longer maintain, please contact us as we can offer a tax deductible voucher for your real estate, vehicles commercial cooking equipment of anything that can help us house and feed those who are homeless on our Island.

Please, if you are unable to offer anything, please keep our thoughts in your prayers.

We appreciate the thought and the prayer,

special note: 

Puerto Rico  H.B. 909

Amends Law 247 of 2010 known as the Act to Regulate the Business of Mortgage Loans in order to impose the requirement of mortgage institutionsto acquire real property involuntarily, through its foreclosure,the responsibility to maintain it in good condition in order to prevent the abandonment of property that is repossessed or becomes a problem of looming public health, or that it be used for illegal purposes, and in the case that it affects the valuation of other adjacent properties and/or the like.

Thank You from all of us at The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico

    The Make a Difference Foundation of Puerto Rico

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